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Create the Gift Page for YOURSELF or FOR A FRIEND.

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Items costing $400 or more are easily paid for when everyone contributes the amount they would have spent on something else (a smaller gift, that might have been unwanted).
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Tell your family and friends about the Gift Page

It’s a great opportunity for everyone to connect and contribute

You’re in complete control here - you can share the Gift Page however you like, with anyone, at any time. And yes, you can hide the Gift Page from specific people if the gift is a surprise.
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Get the Gift that’s REALLY wanted

You choose from
1) Cash in your account,
2) Gift Card or
3) all wrapped up and shipped to your address!

Whether your Gift Page is fully funded or not, there are settings that give you complete control over what happens to the money raised.
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Every year, billions of dollars are wasted on gifts that our friends don’t need, or even want.
We want to put a stop to silly spending.
And help people get things they REALLY want.



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